The Complete Guide to Creating a Culture of Belonging

October 20, 2023

According to research, 1 out of 4 employees don't feel like they fit into your business.

This can negatively affect your business, like lost productivity and talent. However, there are things you can do to change this.

Keep reading to discover a few strategies to help create a culture of belonging at your company.

Focus on Leadership

Your leadership should be using the REAL strategy. This stands for relatable, equitable, aware, and loyal. This means that your leaders should try to relate to every employee and find a way to ensure they're connected in the company.

This might look like having regular team meetings and talking to employees to ensure everyone is on the same playing field. When employees see that their manager is more aware of and invested in their team, this will create a more genuine connection and make them feel like they can open up and be themselves.

It can also help provide a safe space for employees to feel connected.

Include Employees

You need to include employees and make them feel accepted and valued. If they feel like you care about them and recognize their work, they are more likely to stay at your organization and also work harder.

You can ensure that employees feel connected by creating employee resource groups. These are groups that will help employees from all different backgrounds. They will also be able to find individuals who are like them, and they can create connections based on shared experiences.

As more companies turn to remote workforce options, these structures can be especially helpful in creating that culture.

Use Empathy

Empathy can go a long way in showing employees that you care about them and that they belong. When you lead with empathy, you'll notice how each of your team members feel, and you can respond to their body language.

When someone feels more understood, they're more likely to feel like they belong at that company.

Offer Connections

It can be hard to make connections naturally sometimes, so you can do things to help create those connections. For example, you might want to try setting business goals to have team-bonding events once a month.

You could also hold company-wide events where employees can do bonding activities, like competitions or sports. You could also have a culture committee dedicated to planning happy hours, holiday events, or events outside of work.

Discover More About How to Create a Culture of Belonging

These are only a few things to learn about how to create a culture of belonging, but there are many other things that you can do to foster an inclusive culture.

Managing a diverse workforce can be stressful, but we're here to help you create the right culture.

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